Cluster Grenade

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Cluster Grenade
Cluster grenade 1.png
General information
Slot: Belt
Class: Raider
Damage: 400+(5*425) (2525 Total)  · (1 initial, 5 cluster)
Damage vs. Generator: 505+(5*465) (2830 Total)
Damage vs. Base structure: 800+(5*850) (5050 Total)
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 800+(5*850) (5050 Total)
Damage vs. Beowulf: 800+(5*850) (5050 Total)
Damage vs. Shrike: 1000+(5*1062) (6310 Total)
Carry capacity: 1-2(max)
Gold cost: 240
XP cost: 21,000
The Cluster Grenade breaks apart in to several smaller bomblets on detonation, each exploding for additional damage.— In-game description

The Cluster Grenade is an unlockable belt item item for the Raider class. It breaks into five smaller bombs upon detonation, each doing additional damage. It is an extremely powerful weapon, dealing enough damage to kill or nearly kill heavy classes if all detonations hit.


Cluster grenade stats.png


Upgrade 1: +1 ammo.
Upgrade 2: +10% radius.
Upgrade 3: +20% Damage VS. Armored


  • The Cluster Grenade is an ideal weapon for clearing the flag stand, as the damage spreads out over a much larger area compared to the other grenades available to the Raider.

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