Close Combat

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Provides 20% damage reduction from all melee attacks.


Upgrade 1: x2 backstab melee damage. (1800 damage versus 900 sans perk)
Upgrade 2: +20% melee damage reduction. (40% total reduction)
Upgrade 3: +20% melee damage reduction (60% total reduction)


  • This perk is dual purposed as it promotes and counters the Infiltrator's popular backstab approach against players who need to remain static for brief moments (such as Sentinel, Technician, and Juggernaut.) When dealing with an Infiltrator problem Close Combat allows players to survive the initial attack but must be quick to react as the Infiltrator will attempt to finish the wounded player or escape for a second attempt.
  • Infiltrators will likely appreciate the first upgrade of this perk, as it allows them to instantly kill medium classes with one hit to the back, and severely damage heavy classes. When used in combination with a Sticky Grenade and Sonic Punch one backstab is a safe guaranteed kill on any heavy class provided they are not using this perk as well.