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There are nine classes in Tribes: Ascend

Light armor[edit]

The Light Armor classes, by default, weigh the least, accelerate the fastest and have 800 base health. This number can generally be improved with playing time spent with the class.

Pathfinder image icon.jpg


Main article: Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a class dedicated to speed, best built for capturing flags and chasing down enemies trying to capture your own flag. It is equipped with tools generally centered around one or both of these goals, such as the Nitron belt items, two of which are able to knock the flag out of an opponents hands in impact.


Main article: Sentinel

The Sentinel is a class built around precision, with weapons that can hit reliably from any distance (provided a VERY HIGH degree of accuracy), as well as access to several of the few hit-scan weapons in the game. It is equipped with tools that help it to defend its team, such as the Drop Jammer that can reveal enemy Infiltrators, to compliment its defensive nature.


Main article: Infiltrator

The Infiltrator is a class that possesses the ability to vanish from the opponents sight through its stealth pack, and sabotage the enemy team from within. It is equipped with tools that allow it to deal massive damage to the enemy Generator, or other defensive structures, in the form of its Sticky Grenades.

Medium armor[edit]

The Medium Armor classes are very versatile, being durable, but still reasonably agile. Base health is 1200, this number can generally be improved with playing time spent with a class.

Soldier image icon.jpg


Main article: Soldier

The Soldier is a great all-around class that can do either offense or defense. The perfect class for killing infantry and a welcome addition to any defense or offensive disruption squad. As a Soldier you are able to take on almost any role at any given time.


Main article: Technician

The Technician is a defensive class primarily, with the Light Turret and EXR Turret packs, this class becomes the backbone of any lasting defense. The job of the Technician is to keep the base clear of enemy disruption and to maintain the base assets. With surprisingly strong weapon options, this class is capable of holding ground just fine as not only a supporting class, but a very capable duelist as well.


Main article: Raider

The Raider is a specialized offensive class that can clear an enemy base within seconds. It's the class of choice when going up against static defenses such as turrets or forcefields. The raider is also known to be one of the strongest dueling classes in the game due to a well rounded load-out that can be customized to match any opposition.

Heavy armor[edit]

The Heavy Armor classes are huge and slow with very limited maneuverability, as the name implies they have more mass and cannot be knocked around as much as other armor types. Their base health is 2400, this number can generally be improved with playing time spent with a class.

Juggernaut image icon.jpg


Main article: Juggernaut

The Juggernaut focuses on long range bombardment. The primary weapons are very indirect and shots can travel for several seconds before reaching their destination, as such Juggernauts rely heavily on prediction and battle experience.


Main article: Doombringer

The Doombringer is a great flag defender who can put down deployable Force Fields and Mines. The Doombringer might just be the least mobile class in the game, but also one of the most wanted additions to a defense that is struggling. It also carries the only real anti-vehicle weapon in the game, the lock-on homing Saber Launcher.


Main article: Brute

The Brute is the anti-infantry heavy class. With a lot of health and deadly weaponry, a brute can, and will take on anyone. The brute can be used both on defense or offense, but it excels at indoor combat overall. Generally, it is seen as a heavier version of the Soldier class.