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A capper is an offensive role in Tribes Ascend that involves stealing the enemy's flag in the Capture The Flag (CTF) game mode. The capper role is typically filled by a Pathfinder.


Primary Weapon[edit]

Light Spinfusor or Dueling Spinfusor: A capper typically favours the Spinfusors due to their lower splash damage. Dueling power is not really important to a capper, as their main focus should be the flag, not other players.
Light Twinfusor: The Light Twinfusor provides the lowest splash damage out of all the Pathfinder's primary weapons, making it very useful for disk-jumping. The two individual shots also allow the capper to clear more of the flag stand before grabbing, increasing survivability.
Bolt Launcher: While the Bolt Launcher provides a high impulse from its explosions, it comes at a danger of great damage. It should only be used in situations where the capper is confident in their speed.
Blinksfusor: The Blinkfusor's 100% Inheritance can cripple a fast capper, as his own speed can nullify that of the disk, effectively stopping him from firing behind himself.

Secondary Weapon[edit]

Belt Item[edit]

Impact Nitron: A versatile capper may find himself having to chase at any point in a match, and the Impact Nitrons allow for a quick change in role from capper to chaser, while still being a useful low-damage speed boost in other situations. However, the Impact Nitron can only be used for speed before a grab, as attempts to nitron-jump when holding the enemy flag will cause the capper to drop it.
Explosive Nitron: The Explosive Nitron is often useful to a dedicated capper. Its high impulse allows for massive speed increases in seconds, and the high knockback make it effective in clearing enemy defense. However, its lack of concussion stops the Explosive Nitron from being useful elsewhere, and the damage it does is dangerously high.


Energy Recharge: The Energy Recharge Pack can help the capper complete longer routes and gain more speed, but it is less useful on smaller maps.
Thrust Pack: The Thrust Pack allows a capper to quickly start routes, and can provide a quick burst of speed in an emergency.

Perk 1[edit]

Reach: Reach is the typical capper perk, allowing a quick and agile player to evade some enemy defense and other obstacles in a grab, while also giving more room for error at high speeds.
Stealthy: While not an immediately obvious perk for a capper, Stealthy helps to evade radar, meaing the capper can get much closer to a team without a spotter before being detected.

Perk 2[edit]

Egocentric: Egocentric is a very useful perk for cappers, reducing the damage taken from disk- and nitron-jumps. With this perk, the capper can gain a large amount of speed over a short period without necessarily risking death.


Alternative Classes[edit]

Although a capper is traditionally a Pathfinder because of their speed, many other classes have advantages that make them good cappers. For example

  • Infiltrator - Because of the Infiltrator's stealth, they can take the defenders by surprise and steal the flag while invisible. If necessary (for example the enemy team is about to score) they can also E-grab essentially whenever they want to because of stealth, unless there are claymores and such that need to be cleared out first. Their Sticky Grenades, and even more so the Jackal, are also effective at killing chasers when timed properly.
  • Juggernaut - Although a Juggernaut may not seem like anyone's first choice for a capture, their survivability gives them a bonus over light classes. The Fusion Mortar and MIRV Launcher are also good at killing chasers.
  • Soldier - Soldiers are a very all-round class, and also have exceptional mobility when using their Energy Pack. With 35 from the pack, 5 from their armor, and 20 from the Ultra Capacitators, they can have an impressive 60 bonus energy. Besides that, they are more durable than light classes and have very multi-purpose, general weapons that are good for getting them out of most bad situations.

Being a good capper requires mainly skill at skiing, timing, and the element of surprise. Learn to predict when the enemy flag is about to be returned to the stand, and pay attention to when the stand is generally guarded the least. When an ally calls in an Orbital Strike is a good time to go for the flag since the Orbital Strike essentially clears out all static defenses (and unwary defenders who didn't notice the air raid siren).