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General information
Type: Explosive projectile
Slot: Primary
Class: Pathfinder
Damage: 880 (540 DPS)
Damage (Splash): 550-275 (337-169 DPS)
Damage vs. Base structure: 1056
Damage vs. Gravcycle: 1056
Damage vs. Beowulf: 1056
Magazine size: 1
Carried ammo: 19 (29 with upgrades)
Reload type: Single
Attack interval: 1.63
Gold cost: 240
XP cost: 21,000
This spinfusor variant inherits 100% of the user's velocity. Some may find it harder to use it, but others swear by it.— In-game description

The Blinksfusor is an unlockable primary weapon for the Pathfinder class; it differs from the Dueling Spinfusor by having the feature of 100% projectile Inheritance compared to the Dueling Spinfusor's 50%, which means the projectile gains the user's full velocity when fired. Its damage remains the same as the Dueling Spinfusor.

A direct mid-air kill with this weapon will award the "Blue Plate Special" accolade.




Upgrade 1: +5 ammo (24 total)
Upgrade 2: +20% damage vs armored targets
Upgrade 3: +5 ammo (29 total)


  • The Blinksfusor is recommended for advanced players only, as inexperienced users may find it to be very difficult to use.
  • This weapon is best suited to the role of chasing. When chasing at high speeds, disks shot in the same direction as the player is moving are ridiculously fast, making it easier to hit high-speed targets. However, As a trade-off for the high-speed shots when moving quickly, when shooting in the opposite direction as the user is moving it is possible for the disks move at rates slower than the walking speed of heavy classes.
  • Dueling with the blinksfusor can be incredibly difficult for new players, but experienced ones may find the opposite to be true, and are brilliant at dueling.


  • The Blinksfusor is the first and only spinfusor in any tribes game in history to inherit 100% of the user's speed.
  • The Blinksfusor was added almost exclusively due to community outcry for a 100% inheritance spinfusor.
  • It is possible to make a spinfusor disk that is nearly static if moving at a high enough speed and shooting in the opposite direction as the player is moving. A video displaying this can be found here.

Origin of Name[edit]

Award given to Blinks

The Blinksfusor is named after the player "Blinks", who achieved enough referrals to have a weapon named after him.

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