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General information
Health8000 (up to 800,000 on custom servers with altered vehicles.)
Passenger slot1
Primary weapon
Weapon typeMain canon
Splash damage500-1000
Magazine size1
Ammo capacityInfinite
Reload time3.82
Reload typeSingle until full (reload can not be interrupted)
Secondary weapon
Weapon typeChain gun
Magazine size100
Ammo capacityInfinite
Reload time3.82
Reload typeClip until full (reload can not be interrupted)

The Beowulf is a tank-like vehicle. The primary cannon does significantly more damage on a direct hit than with splash damage. Like the other vehicles it has a boost, but instead of making it accelerate faster it makes it turn faster; which is a great bonus if someone is speeding by you with your flag. A player may switch between the main cannon and the gunner seat by pressing F1(Cannon) and F2(Gunner).

A second player can enter the vehicle and use the machine gun on top of the turret.

The following bug has now been fixed as of 10.1004.0[edit]

The Beowulf has a bug that allows it to take full "direct hit" damage from the splash damage of all explosive weapons. For example, a direct hit with a spinfusor shot does the same damage as one that hit with only the very edge of its splash radius.


  • The Wheel Deal and the Pilot perks are needed to get the most out of the Beowulf. Fully upgraded, Wheel Deal reduces the Beowulf's price to 1750 credits and brings it up to 100 energy, while Pilot increases its HP to 9600 and provides an automatic ejection seat. Depending on the player's accolades, he or she only needs three or four kills for the tank to pay for itself.
  • The main gun fires a high-speed explosive round with 50% inheritance in a ballistic arc. Aim above the target's body to compensate for gravity.
  • A direct hit deals a massive 2000 damage, enough to kill any light or medium class. Splash damage is a more reliable means of damage, but only deals a maximum of 1000 damage, which is still enough to kill any light class. On the other hand, shooting at a target too close to the Beowulf deals the full 2000 damage to itself as if It were a direct hit.
  • The Beowulf's turret moves at a constant speed regardless of mouse sensitivity. Moving the mouse slowly over a longer period of time will make the turret move farther than moving the mouse quickly over a shorter amount of time.
  • The Beowulf has massive range, and can shell the enemy flagstand and base assets from farther away than a Juggernaut. However, the tank is expensive, slow, and easy to hit, making it a high-risk, high-reward artillery piece.
  • The tank's secondary machinegun is powerful but inaccurate. Like all automatic weapons, it has 0% inheritance and has projectile spread, but its spread is wider than most. This makes it ineffective at long range and unable to shoot down incoming missiles until they get into medium range.