Base Turrets

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Base Turret

The Base Turret is part of the static base defenses on Capture The Flag and Capture and Hold maps. Base Turrets are static weapons that automatically target enemies. The turrets fire projectiles that are fairly slow moving, but deal a large amount of damage, making them effective against vehicles.


Base turrets cease to function if the generator is taken offline, or if their hit-points fall to zero. They can be repaired with a repair tool and reactivated at 50% health assuming the base has power.


A base turret can be upgraded up to 4 times, increasing their firepower and durability with each level of upgrade.

Level Health Cost to upgrade Total cost for this level
0 5000 1500 N/A
MK1 7000 1500 1500
MK2 9000 2000 3000
MK3 11,000 2000 5000
MK4 13,000 N/A 7000