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In Tribes: Ascend players are able to choose from 3 armor classes.

Armor Classes

Armor Overview[edit]

Each class of armor provides different stats and equipment choices. The types of weapons, packs and deployables are dependent on the player's choice of armor.

Your choice of armor dictates what role you fill. However the ability to heavily customize your loadout allows for players to take on many roles, regardless of armor class. Each armor class has a passive bonus that is context sensitive. When using the Voice Command System to spot enemies, you or your teammates will call-out the selected target player by their armor class.

Light Armor[edit]

Light Armor is extremely fast and is best suited for flag capturing and chasing. It may be outfitted to fill sniping or infiltration roles. Light Armor has 3 weapon slots, one belt slot and one pack slot. Light Armor's passive is Rage. Rage activates when your flag is taken. Rage reduces the mass of the player while offering other effects to their loadouts.

Medium Armor[edit]

Medium Armor finds the balance between speed and survivability. It may also be outfitted to fill base building/repair or base disruption roles. Medium Armor has 3 weapon slots, one belt slot and one pack slot. Medium Armor's passive is Wheel Deal. When piloting a vehicle your energy pool is increased by 25%.

Heavy Armor[edit]

Heavy Armor is extremely resilient and is unmatched in long range bombardment capabilities. It may be outfitted to fill Heavy on Flag or base destruction roles. Heavy Armor has 4 weapon slots, one belt item and one pack slot. Heavy Armor's passive is Super Heavy. Enemies take damage when colliding with Heavy Armor.