April 1, 2013: 1.0.2

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Major Highlights[edit]

  • Headwear has been added to the game. Players can purchase hats with gold or XP, and the effects are purely aesthetic.
  • Bioderm Salvage Boxes can now be found, and can be opened with keys available in the store for gold. The boxes contain random items, which may include weapons, skins, hats, and voice packs.

Weapon/Balance Items[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where the Spinfusor would get a "Blue Plate" when shooting at airborne enemies. Spinfusor disks now only explode on contact with non-player objects.
  • Increased fire rate of base turrets by 200%, and damage by 100%. Projectiles fired from the turrets have been replaced with a rocket similar to the Saber Launcher, and will lock on to and indefinitely follow enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where fractal grenades could run out of time prematurely. Fractal grenades now properly last for five minutes upon detonation.
  • The Stealth Pack has been removed from the game, and has been replaced with a Camouflage Pack. Upon activation, the Infiltrator turns into a random piece of scenery based on the map (ex: on Crossfire the infiltrator may disguise as a tree, rock, or generator). The infiltrator cannot move or attack while the pack is active, but can do specific actions based on the object they are disguised as, such as photosynthesis when disguised as a tree, or blocking player flag cap routes as a rock.


  • The Sentinel Class has been removed from the game, and has instead been replaced by the Civilian class.
    • The Civilian class has no weapons, but can flail their arms wildly to distract enemies. The class has 100 health by default, and can be upgraded to 120.
  • The Brute can no longer use primary weapons. This was done in response to player reports of getting killed by a single brute multiple times in a row.

Happy April